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Shamir - Metaform Superpowered Lens Technology
BlackBoard Studios

Shamir - Metaform Superpowered Lens Technology

This video for Shamir Optical Industry 'Metaform Superpowered Lens Technology' by BlackBoard Studios was a really unique one for several reasons. ๐Ÿ‘Œ First of all, it involved a process I don't get to do much. Honestly, I believe it's because this is something not many editors, directors, or any other clients take into account as a possibility: In order to make this video interesting and developing on the musical aspect as well, I had to add more layers and instruments to the track - some are just ascending and descending scales, that function as audio representation for the visuals, and some are actually the lead instrument (The bass synth in the last part for example), this is something I don't get to do a lot but adds a huge value and pleasure to my sound design work ๐ŸŽš๏ธ๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽตโœ‚๏ธ Yes, most people forget this middle ground: they will either go for library music and stick to what they get, or, they would hire a composer and go bankrupt (or just understand they were looking for something that exists in so many musical libraries, to freaking common). So if you do have that track you like from a library, but it is just missing that one extra layer - sometimes this is easily fixable ๐ŸŒŸ Moreover: Working on this video was just spot on - The work with Amichai Sheetrit and Roni Kleiner was just smooth and professional all the way through - abstract concepts were easily introduced, and the project timeline was clear and precise. Blackboard studios team together with Sarit Sin Itzik created a beautiful, modern, and honestly one of the best video concepts I got to work on ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐ŸŽน๐ŸŽ›๏ธ


ื”ืงื•ืœืงืฆื™ื” ื”ื—ื“ืฉื” ืฉืœื ื•, ืขื›ืฉื™ื• ื‘ื—ื ื•ื™ื•ืช ื•ื‘ืืชืจ ืงืจื“ื™ื˜ื™ื - ืœืงื•ื—: ืงืกื˜ืจื• ืกืžื ื›"ืœื™ืช ืฉื™ื•ื•ืง ืžื•ืจ ืคืกื•, ืžื ื”ืœืช ืฉื™ื•ื•ืง ืžื™ืจื‘ ื‘ื™ื ืช ืชืกืจื™ื˜ ื•ืžืฉืจื“ ืคืจืกื•ื: ืื“ืœืจ ื—ื•ืžืกืงื™ ืื™ื“ื” ืžืจืงื•ื‘ื™ืฅ, ื™ืคื™ืช ืžื–ืจื—ื™, ื˜ืœ ืจื™ื‘ืŸ ื‘ื™ืžื•ื™ ื•ืขืจื™ื›ื”: ืจื•ืขื™ ื›ืคืจื™ ื™ื™ืฆื•ื’ ืจื•ืขื™ ื›ืคืจื™: ืจื•ืขื™ ื”ื•ืœื ื“ืจ ื ื™ื”ื•ืœ ืœืงื•ื—: ืžืื™ื” ืื“ื™ื‘, ืžื™ื›ืœ ื™ืฆื—ืงื™, ืืœืขื“ ื”ืจืžืœ ื”ืคืงื”: ืœื™ืืช ืœื•ื™ ื•ื’ืœ ื™ืขืงื‘ ืคืจื–ื ื˜ื•ืจื™ื: ืจื•ืชื ืกืœืข, ื™ื”ื•ื ืชืŸ ืžืจื’ื™, ืจื™ืฃ ื ืืžืŸ ื”ืคืงื”: ืžื™ืืœืžื” ื”ืคืงื•ืช, ืœื™ืื•ืจื” ื™ื•ืจืง ื ืืžืŸ ืžืคื™ืงื” ื‘ืคื•ืขืœ: ืื™ื” ื”ื›ื˜ ืžืชืืžืช ื”ืคืงื”: ื’ื•ื ื™ ืœื™ื‘ืจืš ืืจื˜ ื“ื™ื™ืจืงื˜ื•ืจ: ืžื™ื›ืืœ ืฉืฉื•ืŸ ืข.ื‘ืžืื™: ืฉื‘ืชืื™ ื™ืฆื—ืง ืฆืœื: ืจื•ืžืŸ ื”ืจื˜ืืŸ ืžืคื™ืง ืคื•ืกื˜: ืชื•ืžืจ ื•ื•ื™ืœืฃ ืœื–ืžื™ ืžื•ืกื™ืงื”: ืขืžืจื™ ืื ื’ืœ, ืืŸ ืฉื˜ืจื™ื™ื›ืžืŸ ื–ื›ื•ื™ื•ืช ืฉื™ืจ ืดืืกื•ืจืด: ื™ื”ื•ื ืชืŸ ืžืจื’ื™, ื’ืณื•ื ื™ ื’ื•ืœื“ืฉื˜ื™ื™ืŸ, ื˜ืœื™ืกืžืืŸ VFX: ื’ืจืื‘ื™ื˜ื™, ืื™ืชื™ ืฉื™ืฃ, ืื•ืจื™ ืžื•ืจื’ ืžืœื‘ื™ืฉ: ืจืื•ื‘ืŸ ื›ื”ืŸ ืžืœื‘ื™ืฉื”: ืžืื™ื” ืœื™ื‘ื•ื‘ื™ืฅ ืžืืคืจ: ืืกืฃ ื‘ืื‘ื• ืžืขืฆื‘ ืฉื™ืขืจ: ืœื™ืจื– ืื’ื ืžื™ืงืก: ืกืื•ื ื“ ื”ืื•ืก ื“ื’ื™ืžื”: ืขื•ืžืจ ืœืฉื ื”ืคืงื” ืžืงื•ืžื™ืช: ื‘ืœื• ืกืงื™ื™
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