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Hi, I'm Dean Katz Ritov,

I'm a game sound designer originally from Kfar Vradim, Israel.

Audio has always been present in my life — sound design, composition, game audio logic, field recordings, and character voiceovers.

Passionate about audio, I've delved deep into its creative and technical aspects, even teaching game audio through lectures and courses.

Three years ago, I became a digital nomad, crafting sound effects, recording unique audio, and composing music. Traveling has not only added a unique touch to my work but has also become integral to my creative process.

During this time, I've worked on titles like Oakenfold (nominated for "Best Sound Design" at the Game Audio Awards 2023), NickWatch, and HUNTERS: Uprising (in development). I've also worked on various Android and iOS games.

Each project posed unique challenges, covering artistic and technical aspects: sound design, engine implementation, Wwise and Fmod integration, composition, field recordings, and character/creature voice recording.

Thank you for your interest in my work :)

Main Skills:

Sound design, Composition, Implementation, Wwise,

Fmod Studio, Reaper, Cubase, Protools,

Unity, Field recordings, Character voice recording.



Additional Skills:

Da Vinci Resolve, C#, Google tools.

Creative Tools

Creative Tools

A brief display of flexible and efficient ways to create and integrate various sounds, and unconventional uses of different audio tools for sound design

Using Reformer Pro for "sounding"
up the Chomper - 

stop relying on sound packs for monsters, and start getting flexible as a creator

Using Izotope RX for a dynamic and granular
sound design - 

sometimes what you hear is not what you would expect it to be

 Robots and pitch shifting -
whether your dad is a carpenter or you only have a didgeridoo

RTPC: Enhance your player's experience - 
the voices of the choir by yours truly

Oakenfold logo.png

Nominated in "Best Sound Design" Category

By Studio Taghua

Sound design overview

transfer screen 1.jpg

In Oakenfold I was in charge of all the aspects of the sound effects creation, here is a short showcase of my work for this awesome game:

Game audio general overview

Weapons sound design

Monsters sound design

UI sound design

Wwise & the NickWatch

The use of Wwise in Nickelodeon's NickWatch

The NickWatch is a kid's smartwatch designed for interactive experiences and safe communication with parents. It replaces distracting devices with features promoting physical and imaginative activities.

The NickWatch - 
A short introduction

Tunnel Runner
The role of vertical composition

Working with the player  +  use Wwise to save up Memory

Slime Out 
A rhythm-based game in a smart watch

A calm gaming experience and the help of the RTPC

Mix It
Get Silly + Another way of using the same mechanism for your RTPC - USE EM' Blend containers!

Unity's  Audio  Tutorial

Unity's Audio

An ongoing series of live streams about Unity's audio system,  and how to implement audio for your game, using the basic functions, C# and the Unity Mixer

#1)  The Basic Building Blocks

#2)  Red Runner's Locomotion, part.01

SFX Packs

Originally curated sound effects packs featured on Artlist,

All the SFX in the videos are from the SFX packs