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About the project:

Oakenfold is a clever time-reversible strategy game. Outsmart the Biocides wrecking our planet in this roguelike adventure.


  • Sound Designer



  • Cubase

  • Unity

The Details:

Oakenfold encapsulates everything enjoyable about being a sound designer. 

When Rutger the developer approached me and requested that I create effects for all aspects of the sound, I understood that I was facing a complex challenge alongside endless pleasure. 

Oakenfold is a game with a dystopian, steampunk, and futuristic character, blending cyberpunk and sci-fi elements with fantasy aspects.

This game required me to craft sounds for monumental monsters, robotic creatures, and insect-like entities. Additionally, it encompassed the three distinct characters, their weaponry and locomotion, all items, NPC’s, and the UI..

This project demanded the application of all the techniques I am familiar with as a sound designer: synthesis, layered design, music theory and composition, utilisation of tools specific to sound design, working with various recordings, and manipulating them, including vocal recordings.

My work for Oakenfold was nominated for the “Best Sound Design” category at the 2023 Game Audio Awards, alongside giant titles such as Call of Duty, Total War, Warhammer, and many other highly successful games!, an absolute honour!

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