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Nickwatch by Nickelodeon - To be announced 2022


Studio Taghua

"Oakenfold is a handpainted roguelike.

Your mission: Escape planet Earth!

Turn back time to build a bulletproof strategy!"

Honestly, probably one of the most beautiful games I got to play and be the sound designer for.

A puzzle-adventure video game where you play as both Heart and Brain! Fun, challenging, immersive, and funny!

Heist Hunters

An upcoming mobile heist game by Funtra

Original music for


A sound design for a game by Uri Zelinskiy

Tanks! is an open source game, available on the Unity asset store.Uri brilliantly created three different versions of the game, each with its own world of sounds, and asked me to compose different music for each of them. I just loved this project, among other reasons, because this is how I fell in love with the synth-wave genre, and how I discovered just how seamlessly the Country-Western acoustic guitar can blend with "cinematic-classical" music. 

Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted, the first product of this series, allows viewers to challenge their favorite streamers during real-time streaming. The software we created allows streamers to quickly download this product without the need for any third-party platforms. Viewers then place challenges on their favored streamers. Challenge Accepted supports numerous games and can be used with all streaming platforms.

Minimum Wage Animalympics

Made for the Berlin Mini Game Jam, September 2021 edition.

Music by DeanKR, Code by Thygrrr.

Originally intended to be a sports game inspired by the Minimum Wage Machine, an Art Installation by BLAKE FALL-CONROY ... but ended up as a goofy joystick killer instead. The winner gets three packs of instant ramen, though. How hard are you willing to work to succeed?

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