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Heist Hunters

About the project:

Heist Hunters is a runner-like wacky game! Choose your hunter, loot different locations, and run away from the cops while avoiding traffic, using special power-ups, and characters' special abilities!


  • Sound Designer

  • Composer

  • Unity Implementation

  • Voice Actor



  • Cubase

  • Unity

  • C#

The Details:

Heist Hunters is a somewhat unconventional game in the casual gaming landscape. The gameplay is intense, the story is intricate, and the characters are well-written and dynamic, providing a wide range of gaming narratives. 

I joined the gang as a composer, sound designer, and implementer.

Working closely with the team was nothing short of a pleasure and continuous experimenting. We touched upon aspects ranging from crafting fitting music for each stage of the game, precision in the key buttons, and even sessions with actors for each character in the game.

Honestly, the music for this game was outside my comfort zone, but it pushed me to compose some of the pieces that I am most proud of.

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