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Link Legends

About the project:

Link Legends is a highly entertaining, funny and wacky game! Explore a vibrant university-themed environment as you engage in intense player-versus-player matches against friends, family, or players from around the globe.


  • Sound Designer 

  • Unity Implementation

  • Voice Actor



  • Reaper

  • Fmod

  • Unity

The Details:

I joined the Link Legends team relatively early in the development stage, bringing with me the brilliant Brrrt.Audio to be in charge of the music tracks. 

For this game, I was tasked with developing a unique audio language that suits the art and narrative, expressed through sound design and voice recordings for the characters.

In this project, we utilised FMOD and elevated the sound aspect to a different level compared to other casual games. 

The game's language blends the UI sounds that are enjoyable to hear with every explosion of a tile alongside specially crafted effects for various actions, and the construction of distinctive personalities for each character through sound design.

Undoubtedly, one of the games I am most proud of!

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