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Match Masters

About the project:

Match Masters is a competitive Match-3 puzzle game. It combines skill, luck and innovative game elements to create a unique player experience. Easy to learn but hard to master!


  • Sound Designer

  • Voice Actor



  • Cubase

The Details:

Match Masters is one of the craziest and cartoonish games I've had the opportunity to work on. 

For this game, I create effects and voiceovers for the characters, whether it's their emotes, boosters, or their showoffs. 

The characters in this game span a wide range across a broad spectrum of personalities, quirks, references, and we even have some collaborations with external characters like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

For this game, I mainly record the voice overs for the characters or recruit voice actors and guide them for the required roles. All of this creates one of the most cartoonish games I got to work on!

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