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Parties & Puzzles

About the project:

The ultimate puzzle challenge!
Lots of sweet mini-games with hundreds of levels to complete, and parties to setup!


  • Sound Designer

  • Unity Implementation



  • Cubase

  • Reaper

  • Unity

  • C#

The Details:

Parties and Puzzles is a game that offers a wide range of options to its users: various mini-games, different modes, VIP status, and the ability to build various parties throughout the game. 

Parties and Puzzles was one of the first casual games I had the opportunity to work on, and it truly solidified my approach to different audio tools, sound design for the genre, and workflow that enables comfortable and organised work within these scopes, dealing with various factors both within the team and in Unity.

The work was nothing short of a pleasure, involving a high integration of musical tools, SFX and a proper Unity integration to achieve a satisfying and unique user experience.

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