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Heart and Brain - a journey to self

About the project:

A puzzle-adventure video game where you play as both Heart and Brain! Fun, challenging, immersive and funny!


  • Sound Designer

  • Unity implementation


The Awkward Yeti and 11Sheep


  • Cubase

  • Unity

  • C#

The Details:

Undoubtedly one of the cutest games I've had the pleasure to work on. The Heart and Brain franchise is something I've come across frequently on my social media feeds over the years, and I was extremely excited to join the development team as the sound designer.

For this project, I was entrusted with sound design and Unity integration, and the experience alongside a small, dedicated team was truly delightful! 

Unfortunately, the game didn't progress beyond its demo version, but I hold it close to my heart and hope that one day we might complete the remaining four stages in this journey of Heart and Brain!

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