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HUNTERS: Uprising

About the project:

A PvPvE extraction-game. Hunt down monsters of various kinds with up to 15 other players. All of you will compete against one another to slay a boss-monster.


  • Sound Designer



  • Reaper

  • Wwise

  • Unreal

The Details:

A game like HUNTERS: Uprising is one where audio plays two crucial roles for the games: 1. Create and enhance the game’s artistic direction and enhance the player's experience to another level. 

2. Provides the player with all the cues needed to navigate and play the game without being eaten by zombies or getting head-shot by another player..

HUNTERS: Uprising is a massive game in scope, and for this purpose, Avishai Karawan - a super talented sound designer that is in charge of the audio development and implementation tools - invited me to create all the sounds for the game: zombies, monsters, ambiances, weapons, locomotion, and more. 

One of the unique aspects of this game is that it requires skilled voice actors capable of producing sounds that won't embarrass Mike Patton, and for this reason, we are currently collaborating with several highly talented metal vocalists (One of the small bonuses of designing sound for games like HUNTERS: Uprising)!

Besides being dystopian, HUNTERS: Uprising is intended to be highly realistic. 

The game is still in development, and a beta version is available on Steam.

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