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Nick Academy

About the project:

Nick Academy teaches 21st-century skills through STEM subjects, following OECD guidelines and the Learning Compass 2030 framework, aiming to enhance both basic knowledge and skills tested in PISA assessments.


  • Sound Designer

  • Composer

  • Unity Implementation



  • Cubase

  • Unity

  • C#

The Details:

Nick Academy is an educational game from the Nickelodeon family. 

Following the STEM standards, Nick Academy helps children learn and practice subjects such as mathematics, coding, science, space, English, and more.

The game offers children a comprehensive platform from building their avatar, learning using various educational games, assessing acquired knowledge through a summary adventure, and earning points to progress and develop their characters.

For this game, I designed all the sound, composed the music, and integrated everything in Unity. 

The close collaboration with the fantastic art, design, and programming teams turned this entire project into an extensive exploration and a creating a platform that is enjoyable, playful, educational, and, from my perspective, remains loyal to Nickelodeon's iconic Loud House.

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