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About the project:

NickWatch, the new smartwatch for kids by Nickelodeon, offers children independence and empowers them to take on new responsibilities, while providing parents with peace of mind.


  • Sound Designer

  • Composer

  • Wwise build

  • Unity implemenation



  • Cubase

  • Wwise

  • Unity

  • C#

The Details:

The NickWatch is a smartwatch for kids from Nickelodeon, designed to provide safe communication between children and their parents, while also being a source of entertainment that minimises screen time.

The NickWatch includes 15 games, widgets, an instrument playing feature with 5 different musical genres, activation of sound effects based on hand gestures, imaginative games, vocal manipulations, and many other features that require sound design and composition.

I joined the team to help develop this challenge from the conceptualization, composition, sound design, building everything in Wwise, handling the Unity integration, and of course playtesting. 

Most of the games require communication based solely through audio, alongside haptic feedback, which demanded a lot of experimentation to successfully build the games for children without compromising the essence of Nickelodeon's DNA and the wackiness associated with the brand.

The result is showcased in some of the images here - children jumping and reacting to the games and various activations just like the first concept drafts. 

This project is undoubtedly the most fulfilling and unique project I've had the pleasure to work on!

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