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...Every story has it's his own unique needs, and the many paths I can take to make that story even more special, make this practice undoubtedly the most satisfying thing I - as a sound designer and a composer  - can do.

DeanKR Hello
Nimrod Dweck.jpg

Nimrod Dweck

...his approach was evident. Creative, precise, not cutting corners and most of all a real team member who enjoys working with others...

DeanKR Sharon Leshem

Sharon Leshem

Dean is not only a professional and talented sound editor, but he is also a dedicated team member and a person with a big heart, who knows how to engage with the story emotionally...

DeanKR Alon

Alon Newman

...Attention to detail, and precise interpretation of the film’s requirements while understanding my wishes as a director...

DeanKR Noa Itan

Noa Itan

...From the first conversation with Dean, I felt that he was a professional and sensitive person that very quickly understood the needs of the film...

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